Want to reduce glare from the sun? Consider Anti Glare window films...

Unfortunately we can never escape the effect of glare from the sun, whether it is during the long summer months or the winter months when the sun is at its lowest point.  By installing a high quality anti glare film you can reduce a large proportion of the unwanted glare (95%), a great benefit of this film is it still allows natural light to pass through the glass.
As with the solar film, there are additional benefits to installing this film. UV rays not only contribute to the fading of furniture, carpets, wooden floors, blinds and decorations but also can be harmful to our skin over time.  An anti glare film will reduce the amount of UV rays entering the room by up to 99%, which will protect both your furniture and skin from these rays.


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High Quality Window Films

At Window Tinting & Frosting We only use high quality window films to ensure that our clients get the finish they deserve. We speciaically use Llumar window films or Suntek Window films depending on the job specification, both of which are high quality for a long lasting perfect finish.

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