Need an anti graffiti window solution? Consider Anti Graffiti Window Films...

Anti-graffiti film is fitted externally to any glass window or internally to any flat smooth surface.  With a clear appearance, anti graffiti film acts as a barrier to protect the glass from vandals attempting to scratch, etch or spray paint windows, mirrors, bus shelters etc.  After a window has been attacked the damaged film is simply removed and if required a new piece is fitted at a greatly reduced cost of replacing a new pane of glass.
An added benefit is these films will hold the glass together if a forced entry is attempted and will deter a smash and grab theft. Graffiti film are made of clear polyester and contain UV protection that blocks up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV light, this will prevent damage caused by fading to furniture, wooden flooring or carpets.


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High Quality Window Films

At Window Tinting & Frosting We only use high quality window films to ensure that our clients get the finish they deserve. We speciaically use Llumar window films or Suntek Window films depending on the job specification, both of which are high quality for a long lasting perfect finish.

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