Want to make your property more safe and secure? Consider Privacy Window Films...

Fitting security/safety film to windows does not prevent the glass from breaking if somebody is forcefully trying to break through the glass. What it will do is increase the amount of force it takes to break it and if someone or something does manage to break the glass it will stop it from shattering into hundreds of small fragments.

When fitting a security/safety film it is recommended to use a film with a thickness of around 4 - 7 Mil, this should be sufficient in slowing down any such thief trying to enter your premises. Thicker films are available up to 15 mil, however these are generally used in countries that experience sever weather conditions such as hurricanes.


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High Quality Window Films

At Window Tinting & Frosting We only use high quality window films to ensure that our clients get the finish they deserve. We speciaically use Llumar window films or Suntek Window films depending on the job specification, both of which are high quality for a long lasting perfect finish.

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